Terry Anderson Stock Reduction

Stock Reduction by Terry Anderson

Terry Anderson, a seasoned enthusiast with a deep-rooted passion for the budgerigar hobby. On another note, Terry is hosting a significant stock reduction sale. Having accumulated excess stock over the years, he is now looking to offer them to fellow hobbyists and enthusiasts via the 32 Auctions platform. With a solid 14-year background in the hobby sector, Terry took a break but has now been actively involved again for the past two years.

As part of his continuous commitment and efforts to maintain quality and focus, Terry finds it essential to reduce his breeding numbers. To that end, this is not just a sale; it’s a strategic move to refine his collection. Importantly, every dollar from the sale will be channeled back into the hobby, underlining his dedication and reinvestment into what he loves.

The Geelong Budgerigar Club proudly counts Terry Anderson among its esteemed membership group. For those interested in the sale or seeking further information, Terry is easily accessible. He can be reached directly at his mobile number: 0418199925. Note that the birds will be available for pick up once the sale concludes. To that end, the address is 103 Solar Drive, Whittington, Geelong, Victoria 3219.

Terry Anderson

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