United Budgerigar Society Online Auction 16

United Auction 16

This United Auction 16 is for the United Budgerigar Society. It features birds from David Spink, Vic Murray, Adrian Praeger, and Alan Rowe. Funds raised will benefit the ongoing operations of the club, help pay for future club events such as information nights, the Diploma and UBC shows to be held in the future. Extra photos and videos of the birds are on the Club Facebook page. This United Auction 16 is for United club members or invited guests from other clubs to participate, but anyone can bid.
All birds are checked and vetted by Alan Rowe retired Australian and International Judge. United prides itself on the results of previous auctions. All birds are in good healthy condition.

A link to the 32 Auctions Event can be found here.

United Budgerigar Society Auction 16 United Budgerigar Society Auction 16 United Budgerigar Society Auction 16 United Budgerigar Society Auction 16

About The United Budgerigar Society & United Auction 16

United Budgerigar Society is based in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia and one of the most successful on the show circuit. The club is one of 22 clubs in Victoria, Australia. We are based in metropolitan Melbourne, with the majority of our members based primarily in the North Eastern suburbs. We are one of the most successful clubs on the show circuit, with a number of Champion breeders and senior Judges as members. The club was formed out of the amalgamation of several other clubs, Northcote-Heidelberg clubs in 1968.
Members are encouraged to breed at least one of the lesser/recessive varieties as well as normal’s, so that the club can field a full team with birds in every variety for the inter-club state Shield competitions. New & beginner members are assisted with obtaining birds & the harder to get varieties. This is a great help to these breeders and the club. Beginner members are also assisted pairing their birds for breeding, overall husbandry and culling for sale birds. As well as sharing the competitive and animal husbandry aspects of the hobby, our club has a good social program, which fosters friendship and camaraderie.

Happy Bidding in United Auction 16