United Auction Dec 23

About United Auction Dec 23

This auction is a special initiative by the United Budgerigar Society. To that end, the goal is to support the club’s ongoing operations and future events. Proceeds will contribute to organising information nights, the Diploma, and UBC shows. For a closer look at the birds, additional photos and videos are available on our Club’s Facebook page. Participation in this United Auction Dec 23 is open to United club members and invited guests from other clubs. All birds presented in the auction have been thoroughly checked and vetted by our Champion breeders, ensuring they are in robust health. United Budgerigar Society takes pride in the success of our previous auctions, and in this auction, we’re introducing an estimated value for each bird, as part of our continuous effort to enhance the auction experience.

About United Budgerigar Society

Located in the north-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, the United Budgerigar Society is very successful on the show circuit. As one of the 22 clubs in Victoria, they have a strong base in metropolitan Melbourne. To that end, most of their members reside in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

The club boasts a rich history and a vibrant community. Formed from the amalgamation of the Northcote-Heidelberg clubs in 1968, they’ve grown to become a hub for Champion breeders and senior Judges. They encourage members to breed a variety of birds, including both lesser/recessive varieties and normals, to ensure a diverse representation in inter-club state Shield competitions. Some of these birds are on offer here at United Auction Dec 23.

United Budgerigar Society is particularly supportive of new and beginner members. We assist them in acquiring birds, including hard-to-find varieties, and provide guidance in pairing, overall husbandry, and culling for sales. This support not only benefits the individual breeders but also strengthens our club as a whole.

Beyond the competitive and animal husbandry aspects of the hobby, our club enjoys a vibrant social program. This fosters a sense of friendship and camaraderie among members, making United Budgerigar Society more than just a club – it’s a community.

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United Auction Dec 23

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