Wayne Cachia Sale 2023

Clearing Aviary Space: Excess Birds for Sale by Champion Breeder Wayne Cachia

Are you a beginner or intermediate bird breeder looking for quality birds at a reasonable price? Wayne Cachia (WC2), a Champion breeder based in Werribee, Victoria. To that end, Wayne is clearing space in his aviary for 2023 young birds. As a result, he is offering excess birds from 2022 for sale or auction.

Wayne Cachia

Wayne is selling excess birds that have not been used and are left after auctions. These birds are mostly from 2022 and are either available for a set price (Buy It Now) or at auction. This is a fantastic opportunity for beginner and intermediate breeders to add quality birds to their flock at a reasonable price.

About Wayne Cachia (WC2)

Wayne Cachia is a renowned Champion breeder based in Werribee, Victoria. He has an impressive track record, having won 13 Victorian State Shows, 1 Diploma, and 1 UBC Diploma. Additionally, several of his birds have represented Victoria at the National level, with the best results being 2nd in Spangle Normal and Albino, 3rd in Fallow’s, and 4th in Albino’s. Selling some of his excess birds provides an excellent opportunity for other breeders to benefit from his expertise and success.

Opportunity for Breeders

Whether you are just starting as a bird breeder or have some experience, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Acquiring birds from a Champion breeder like Wayne Cachia can be a valuable addition to your breeding program and help you achieve better results in the future. Most of the birds are aimed at beginner and intermediate breeders, making them accessible and suitable for those looking to improve their flock without breaking the bank.


Don’t miss this chance to purchase or bid for excess birds from the aviary of Champion Breeder Wayne Cachia. It is a rare opportunity to acquire quality birds from a proven and successful breeder at a reasonable price. Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate breeder, take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your future breeding program.


You can find the link to the auction here.