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BCSA Budgie Bulletin: Weekly Wrap & Look Ahead

Welcome to This Week’s Budgie Bulletin!The Budgerigar Society of South Australia (BSSA) held its March meeting with a memorable moment, awarding Wayne Weidenhofer a prestigious Life Membership in recognition of his invaluable contributions. Wayne has been a pillar of support and guidance for BSSA members, both new and seasoned, earning widespread admiration for his dedication. His surprise and delight upon receiving this honour were a highlight of the meeting, reflecting the deep appreciation and respect the BSSA and wider budgerigar community in South Australia holds for him.

The BSSA were also very grateful to have David Pace of the Avicultural Society of SA, who shared insights from his recent journeys to Singapore and Cambodia through a captivating presentation and stunning bird photography. David’s enthusiasm for aviculture and his role as an advocate for bird conservation were evident, further inspiring our community’s passion for aviculture.

In other news around the State, those hard copy subscribers of Chatter Magazine have been busy reading over the latest Summer Edition. The Magazine has garnered enthusiastic reviews from our both our electronic and hard copy subscribers, underscoring the positive impact of the Council’s efforts. We extend our gratitude to those who have taken the time to reach out and express their appreciation.

In auction news, three exciting new auctions have launched this week: BSSA Auction 6, alongside two auctions from James Matthews and Pam Hewitt. The anticipation builds for the Mini Auction at the South Queensland Futures Show, which was featured in previous weeks. Wynnum has also released some photographs of their auction lots, offering a teaser, so expect the catalogue to be coming online in the coming days. Plenty of varieties are available and on offer.

A heartfelt congratulations to Dave Miller of the BSSA for winning the BCT Nationals’ fundraising raffle bird, after buying 5 tickets last week when reading the Budgie Bulletin! The bird didn’t have far to travel, and the new owner was overwhelmed with his modest investment.

As mentioned last week, keep an eye out for an upcoming notice regarding a special general meeting vote. Our BCSA constitution currently restricts transactions to cash or cheque only, but with People’s Choice Credit Union phasing out cheques, we’re transitioning to an electronic banking platform while ensuring the security of two signatories or approvers. We apologise that this can’t be done at the AGM, but we’ll likely well and truly run out of cheques before that date.

Turning our attention interstate, the BCV’s Adult Shield was a resounding success, showcasing over 800 birds in a welcoming environment. Congratulations to the United Budgerigar Club on winning the Shield, and Ian Hunter of the Melton Club for picking up Best in Show, and Reserve in Show. This is no small feat, given the number of previous National winning birds on show on the day, competing for the prize.

Turning our focus back to South Australia, this week, we have the North East Pairing Night. The North East invites novice and experienced breeders to share insights and strategies, fostering a collaborative and educational atmosphere. NEBS are encouraging novices from all clubs to bring a collective group of birds along, so that the Open breeders can each talk through how they would pair the birds, and you can gain insight into how different breeders look at a bird, and what they look for as part of a pairing strategy. Several of the open breeders will bring along their own pairs, to explain what they’re looking for, and why they made the pairing decision, so there should be some great debate, and an opportunity to have some of the more experienced breeders in the state assist you with pairing.

Looking ahead, Saturday March 16th, the Port Pirie Club also has their quarterly meeting at the residence of Doug and Ruth Lange in Maitland. The Lange’s are putting on lunch for the masses and are hoping to draw a great crowd. The Port Pirie meetings are always a brilliant social event, and it’s always great to get an insight into another person’s aviary and set up, for ideas to incorporate into you own. If you’re able to attend, please ensure you RSVP to Peter Glassenbury, so that dietary requirements are catered for.

Budgie Auctions & Sales

Online and In-Person Auctions are back in full swing with three exciting new auctions having launched this week: BSSA Auction 6, alongside two auctions from James Matthews and Pam Hewitt. Meanwhile, the anticipation builds for the Mini Auction at the South Queensland Futures Show, which was featured in previous weeks. Wynnum has also released some photographs of their auction lots, offering a teaser to the event, so look for the catalogue to be online in the coming days. Amongst the myriad of online and live auctions, there are plenty of varieties are available and on offer. Details and links to the catalogues are provided below:

  • BSSA Online Auctions: Vendors for this auction include Jane Kelb, Marie & Kerry Murphy, Graham McCallum, George England, and Ken & Janet Harris. Note that all descriptions of birds are provided in good faith from the seller. Varieties such as White caps, Spangle AOSV, Spangle Normals, and Double Factors, along with Opalines, Lutino’s, Lacewings, Split Recessives, and Dominant Pieds are on offer. Use the link below to explore this auction:


  • James Matthew & Pam Hewitt Online Auction:  James Matthews & Pam Hewitt opted for two auctions instead of one larger auction. The feedback indicated that participants found it challenging to keep up with the birds they were interested in, when a similar event was run into 2023. The two auctions will feature a combined 19 Blue (2023) and 14 Brown rung (2022) birds, including several golden faces, for those looking to explore that variety.


  • South Queensland Futures Mini Auction (LIVE):  The SQ Futures Mini Auction for 2024 is to be held on Sunday 17th March at the Strathpine Community Hall, Mecklem St Strathpine. This mini auction features 23 lots from breeders such as Joel Keune, Gary Murray, Alan Kent, Bevan Mouritz, Geoff Russell, NHG Budgerigars, Garry & Helen Hibberd, Lucas Hendry, Boal Family, Trevor Broadbent, Garry Edwards, Steve Kilduff, Keevers & Hoskinson, Brian Crosbie, Graham Barlow and Brian Walters.


Club Calendar

With the BSSA meeting complete, two events remain for March – the NEBS pairing night, and the PPBS aviary tour of Doug & Ruth Lange.

  • North East Monthly Meeting:Mark your calendars for March 13th because you’re invited to an exhilarating evening unlike any other – our Novice Pairing Night! This is your golden opportunity, especially for Novice breeders, to step into the spotlight with your feathered friends in tow.Imagine a gathering where you can showcase your birds, share your pairing plans, or seek invaluable insights from the masters of breeding. Yes, that’s right! We’re bridging the gap between novices and experts, creating a vibrant exchange of knowledge and experiences.

    But wait, there’s more! Our seasoned breeders aren’t just coming to observe; they’ll be bringing along their own birds to unravel the mysteries behind their successful pairings. Discover the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of their choices, with live examples flapping right before your eyes. This is a rare chance to see theory transformed into beautiful, living art.

    And the cherry on top? A deep dive into the fascinating world of colour and variety genetics. Whether you’re a budding breeder or a seasoned veteran, there’s always something new to learn, and what better way than through hands-on, interactive discussions?

    This isn’t just a meeting; it’s a journey into the heart of budgerigar breeding, where every bird tells a story, and every pairing opens the door to endless possibilities. Let’s come together to share, learn, and grow in our passion for these wonderful creatures.

    When: Wednesday March 13th, 7:30 PM
    Where: LeHunte Street, Kilburn
    Theme: Novice Pairing Night

    Bring your birds, bring your curiosity, and most importantly, bring your passion for breeding. This could be the night that sparks a new direction in your breeding journey or deepens your understanding of the intricate dance of genetics.

    Let’s make this night unforgettable. See you there!


  • Port Pirie Club: Mark your calendars for mid-March for a meeting and aviary tour at Doug & Ruth Lange’s place on the Yorke Peninsula. Visit the Port Pirie Facebook group for all the latest information on What’s On. Starts at 11 AM in Maitland on Saturday March 16th.


ANBC Nationals Spotlight

  • Budgerigar Council of Tasmania Updates:
    Tomorrow marks 11 weeks until the National titles kick off in Launceston. Time is quickly running out! It’s essential to secure your place at the ANBC National titles if you’re planning on attending. It would be great to see as many of our South Australian budgerigar community there as possible, so please confirm your attendance by RSVPing through the link provided below:


In Closing

These events and initiatives highlighted here in the Budgie Bulletin showcase the vibrant and supportive community within the BCSA. As a group, it’s great to see us continually fostering a shared passion for the animated cheerful little bird that Gould fell in love with back in the 1800’s and took to the world.

Until next week!

Show Dates for 2024



  • Sunday, 7 April 2024, BSSA Murphy Classic, Westbourne Park Community Centre – 388 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park
  • Sunday, 5 May 2024, BSSA Stan Watson Breeder’s Show, Westbourne Park Community Centre – 388 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park
  • Saturday, 11 May 2024, PPBS Harry Johnson Young Bird Show, Crystal Brook Council Hall
  • Sunday, 12 May 2024, NEBS Lloyd Edwards Breeder Show,49 LeHunte St, Kilburn
  • Sunday, 19 May 2024, BCSA Logan Shield Interbranch, Enfield Community Centre, Regency Road, Enfield
  • Saturday, 25 May 2024, ANBC National Titles, Launceston, Tasmania
  • Sunday, 26 May 2024, ANBC National Titles, Launceston, Tasmania
  • Saturday, 22 June 2024, NEBS Fisher Annual Show, 49 LeHunte St, Kilburn
  • Sunday, 30 June 2024, PPBS Hutchinson’s Annual Show, Crystal Brook Council Hall
  • Sunday, 7 July 2024, BSSA Ron Norman Show, Westbourne Park Community Centre –388 Goodwood Road Westbourne Park
  • Saturday, 20 July 2024, BCSA Auction & AGM, Enfield Community Centre, Regency Road, Enfield
  • Saturday, 26 October 2024 – Budgie Fest






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