Phil Hoadley Estate Sale

Phil Hoadley’s lifelong passion for Budgerigars, particularly Recessive Pied’s, represents a journey filled with remarkable achievements. In partnership with his close friend Bruce Wilson, Phil enjoyed considerable success, securing three ANBC Class victories and numerous State Championship Class wins in Adult, Young Bird, and UBC State Championship Shows. With Phil’s recent passing, 128 birds from the Wilson Hoadley stud have been made available for Auction.

To that end, the forthcoming Phil Hoadley Estate Budgerigar Auction strictly complies with various conditions and policies to uphold the highest standards, encompassing Animal Welfare regulations and the Code of Practice for Sales/Auctions. For more details or clarifications, interested parties are encouraged to contact Martin Paoli or James Smith, who are currently assisting Julie Hoadley in managing Phil’s birds.

Contact Information:

Martin Paoli: 0468 418 819
James Smith: 0412 488 777

Phil Hoadley Estate Auction Details:

Date: Saturday, 20th April 2024
Location: Residence of Julie Hoadley, 7 Bernard Court, Drouin, VIC, 3818
Schedule: Inspection at 9:30 a.m., with the auction commencing at 10:00 a.m.

Phil Hoadley Auction Rules:

The highest bidder will be deemed the purchaser. Moreover, in the event of a dispute, the contested lot will be re-auctioned, and the auctioneer’s decision will be final.
Importantly, after the auction, caging facilities will not be available. To that end, each purchaser must provide their own transportation and caging for the birds.

General Information:

Phil Hoadley’s breeding approach is natural, eschewing artificial insemination. As such, no bird in this auction has been subject to artificial insemination.
Financial transactions for any remaining balance after the auction must be completed via Electronic or Direct Deposit on the first business day after the auction, or sooner. Account details for these transactions will be provided individually to potential and actual buyers.

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Phil Hoadley Estate Auction